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How can I develop my writing skills in preparation for the IELTS? IELTS writing tips

This was my question about a year ago when I chose my IELTS exam date. Now, before I answer your question, I’d like to explain my condition at the time. I was already fluent in English due to my love of reading and completing my schooling in the same language. So writing grammatically correct essays was not an issue. The main challenge I encountered was in the intended response style, as I had no idea how my essay could flow. This is where some coaching came in handy to help me prepare for the writing job. And see what happened! I received a 7.5 in writing, while I was expecting anything along the lines of 7 bands.

Returning to the subject of how to develop your writing abilities. First and foremost  in my list of IELTS writing tips, I urge to you have someone who can analyze your essays as you compose them. I say this because you cannot judge your essay on your own. I attempted but failed miserably. You either overestimate or underestimate yourself, which both harm your exam results.
The next in my list of IELTS writing tips, is to review the fundamentals of English grammar that you studied in school. Yes, what you learned at school! It works.
It would be beneficial if you maintained a consistent writing pattern and only made minor changes based on the directions and topic. This will boost your confidence because you won’t have to develop a whole new writing style on the spur of the moment. (In my case, it was intro+positive with example+negative with example+conclusion.)
In your essays, do not use spoken English or any slang. In any case, avoid using (s).
Do many practice questions to get a feel for the types of topics posed and then with a time limit to prepare yourself to finish the job with time to check any potential mistakes.
Final one in my list of IELTS writing tips, read as much as you can. Not only newspapers, magazines, journals, but also novels. But, yes, I did read a lot. This isn’t something I’m doing to help you expand your vocabulary. In my essays, I didn’t use any fancy words. I tell you to do this because it will help you become more acquainted with the language even if you already are, as I was, and if you are unsure about a sentence, you will quickly determine if it is accurate or not.
I hope these IELTS writing tips were of some assistance, even if only in a small way. Best wishes!