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Many test-takers search for IELTS vocabulary for essay while preparing for Writing Essay. Having a lot of free questions can boost their preparation. Using our IELTS vocabulary for essay you can practice these tasks easily. This will help candidates to feel confident in dealing with many  Topics, even if they’ve only just started learning using these questions. Having more ideas about the various IELTS vocabulary for essay will make you ready to face the exam confidently.

Helpful Vocabulary & phrases

Impersonal points of view

Academic writing has an analytical tone, which means that the vocabulary of a written text sounds independent of the writer and reader. Impersonal vocabulary may be used to achieve an objective tone.

These may be used in the introduction to restate the question and in the main body to introduce the main points in an impersonal manner.

There are those who say that
It is often said that
Many commentators are of the view that
A common opinion is that
A popular belief is that
It is often said that
One argument put forward is that
It can be argued that
It is generally accepted that

Personal opinions

These phrases can be used for expressing personal opinions and are particularly useful in the introductions in opinion-based essays.

Personal opinions
My personal view is that
It seems to me that
I tend to believe that
I am of the opinion that
I would argue that
In my experience


The second type of opinion language is expressing the strength of your position. This language can be used to express both personal and impersonal views.


Of course,

Generalizing – makes your writing seem more scholarly and careful
Part of the academic process – This language is used to soften statements that may otherwise be too strong.

Generally speaking,
On the whole,
By and large


Explaining opinions

It is often necessary to restate an opinion with additional clarity. This is especially important in the main body of an essay when introducing a complex point or argument.

What this means is
In other words,
That is to say
To be more precise
In fact,

Using examples to explain

For example,
For instance,
A good illustration of this is
If we take an example
Evidence for this is provided by
We can see this when
Explaining cause and stating effect

Explaining cause and stating effect

One reason for this is
The immediate cause of this
One of the causes of this is
This has resulted in
As a result,
This has led to


To summarise
In conclusion
On balance,
This is a complex issue with no clear answers
If we look at both sides of the argument


IELTS vocabulary for essay